Existing centres can follow these simple steps to add the Essential Skills Wales Qualifications to their current Agored Cymru framework.

If you are not currently a centre with us, please contact our Business Development team to discuss joining our family of approved centres.

Seven steps to adding Agored Cymru Essential Skills Wales Qualifications to your framework.

Step 1 Contact our Business Development team to discuss the options available to you and our charges.    
Step 2 Sign into your account on the Agored Cymru  website
Step 3 Select the Essential Skills Wales Qualifications you would like to deliver
Step 4 Select the level of the qualification(s) you wish to add to your framework. We offer from Entry Levels 1-3 and Levels 1-3, depending on the subject.
Step 5 Select ‘To offer this qualification and add the units to your framework’ then follow the Agored Cymru Qualification Submission automatic process on the website
Step 6 An Agored Cymru Quality Manager will approve your request to add the qualification(s) to your framework
Step 7 You are now able to register learners against the qualification(s) you have added to your framework. You will only be charged for learners you register. Adding a qualification(s) to your framework will incur no cost.

 Any questions please contact our Business Development team