Digital skills are now as important as numeracy and communication skills. Agored Cymru has a wide range of qualifications designed to meet the demands of a digitally progressive world. These qualifications provide learners with opportunities to improve their core skills and enhance their careers and productivity.

The demand for employees with the skills to collate, interpret and understand data is growing. Businesses that successfully interpret their data will gain an edge over their competitors. Our qualifications will provide the skills needed to create the next generation of data engineers, digital marketers, data managers, data analysts, data scientists, social analysts, graphic designers, SEO managers, web content managers and more.

Data Analytics

Digital Competence Accreditation

Agored Cymru is part of the solution to further advance the digital literacy of the nation. Our accreditation enables the learner to use a variety of digital platforms with confidence. We provide qualifications that develop digital competency skills including digital creativity, productivity, communication, collaboration and digital safety. Our qualifications include:


Data and Digital Vocational Qualifications

All of our qualifications are regulated by Qualifications Wales and address the needs of the sector for which they have been created. Each of our qualifications can be broken down into their unit components, allowing for a flexible approach to delivery. This flexibility is also ideal for those learners who do not want to study a full qualification but still wish to receive accreditation for their learning.

*available in an apprenticeship framework