Agored Cymru is the Welsh awarding body of choice for education and training providers in Wales.

Unlike other awarding bodies, we are committed to developing talent in Wales, for Wales.

As a registered charity and social enterprise, we are committed to ensuring that learners of all ages and abilities maximise their potential.

We offer over 400 nationally recognised, quality assured qualifications across a wide range of subjects ranging from Essential Skills to Data Analytics.

We are committed to supporting and championing the Welsh Government’s Welsh Language Agenda. We proudly offer all our qualifications in Welsh (on demand) and have invested in the development of Welsh Language qualifications.

Currently, we work with over 250 centres across Wales including schools, universities, colleges, charities, housing associations and businesses to develop and deliver qualifications and award credit to learners.

We provide people of all ages the opportunity to life-long learning whether they are in full-time education, employment or trying to find a job.

We have over 30 years of unparalleled experience and expertise in developing qualifications and supporting learning, assessment and verification in Wales.

We employ expert staff who have in-depth knowledge and understanding of what employers want and need in terms of skills and experience.

Our approach to working with centres is innovative and flexible. We provide one-to-one support, guidance and training at every stage of the learning journey, from registration to developing qualifications and awarding achievement.

Our continued growth is underpinned by our unwavering commitment to anticipating and responding to the evolving needs of the labour market in Wales, national agendas and Welsh Government education priorities.

Agored Cymru qualifications are widely recognised, valued and respected by employers. This means that Agored Cymru accredited learners are in a strong position to find a job or progress in their careers.

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