Agored Cymru offers qualifications in a range of Apprenticeship Frameworks in a variety of sector areas. We are committed to developing qualifications that meet the needs of employers throughout Wales. Each qualification meets the requirements of the current Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for Wales (SASW) and has been designed in conjunction with sector expertise.

The Agored Cymru Apprenticeships Package

We provide the complete apprenticeship qualification package, this makes us the perfect partner for providers looking to simplify their Apprenticeship administration by working with one dedicated Awarding Body.

High Quality Apprenticeship Qualifications

We have developed qualifications that meet the requirements of over 30 Apprenticeship Frameworks, covering a variety of different sectors. 

Essential Skills Wales Qualifications

Agored Cymru’s Essential Skills Wales Qualifications are the perfect accompaniment to our apprenticeship qualifications. The full suite of Essential Skills Qualifications is available to our centres.  We can help you include these vital skills as part of your apprenticeship programmes;

  • Essential Communication Skills (ECommS)
  • Essential Application of Number Skills (EAoNS)
  • Essential Digital Literacy Skills (EDLS)
  • Essential Employability Skills (EES)

Employee Rights and Responsibilities

Although these important skills do not currently require accreditation, they still need to be evidenced as part of an apprenticeship programme. To assist centres with this Agored Cymru has developed an accredited unit covering these skills. The unit is a great way for centres to evidence and recognise the learners understanding of employee rights and responsibilities.