Agored Cymru is putting employability skills at the heart of education in Wales.

As an organisation we pride ourselves on creating quality, industry led qualifications and rewarding achievement. Everything we produce is designed to benefit the learner, individually, socially and economically. We believe development in these three areas enhance the employability skills of the learner.

What is Employability?

Employability consists of two strands:

Core Employability Skill Set

We believe that an individual should possess a core employability skill set in order to be successful both in finding work and in the work place. This skill set is transferable and will always be a part of an individual’s personal brand. The core employability skill set consists of 4 key areas:

Planning & Organisation
Problem Solving & Analysis
Creative Thinking
Personal Performance

Vocational Competency and Technical Knowledge

The technical side of employability is the development of the vocational skills needed to perform a specialist task. These skills will define the job role or career an individual performs to gain or perform effectively in employment.

What does Agored Cymru have to offer?

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Personal & Social Education


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