Agored Cymru is the awarding body of choice for education and training providers in Wales.


We develop units and qualifications that recognise learners' achievements.

Agored Cymru Units and Qualifications

We have more than 6,000 units and 400 qualifications, in a range of subjects from Essential Skills to Clinical Imaging Support.

Agored Cymru units and qualifications are widely recognised, valued and respected by the education sector, training providers and employers.

Agored Cymru units and qualifications equip you with the right skills and experience to improve your employment prospects in a chosen career, or enable you to enter into further training.

Our Partners

We work closely with a wide range of partners, including the NHS, Playwork Wales and the TUC  to develop new units and qualifications which meet the needs of industry.

Our Centres

Today, we are proud to work with over 300 centres across Wales including every college of further education, councils, community education, training providers, health boards, schools, prisons, charities and other businesses.