Our qualifications are widely recognised, valued and respected by employers. This means that Agored Cymru accredited learners are in a strong position to find a job or progress in their careers.

Currently, we offer over 400 nationally recognised, quality assured qualifications across a wide range of subjects, from Essential Skills to Data Analytics.

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Centres and learners can also search by curriculum and qualifications areas.

All our qualifications have been developed in partnership with a wide range of organisations through engagement in expert steering groups. This means that they meet regulatory requirements, are aligned to the respective frameworks and meet national education priorities

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New Qualification Submission

Please complete the QD1 form and email it to centre.manager@agored.cymru.

Submissions must be supported by evidence of a need/demand for this qualification. This can come from:

  • Sector Skills Councils (sector qualification strategies or action plans)
  • Employers
  • DfES, Welsh Government
  • Review of existing qualifications
  • Stakeholder organisations including centres

We welcome feedback about inaccuracies, errors or issues identified in qualifications or qualification units.

To feedback your comments email: centre.manager@agored.cymru