The assessment process consists of 8 steps:

Step 1. Planning assessment

The assessor develops an assessment plan detailing how each unit or qualification will be assessed.

The internal verifier reviews and agrees the assessment plan to ensure that it is fit for purpose.

Step 2. Selecting assessment methods

The assessor selects the most appropriate assessment methods. Some units or qualifications require specific assessment methods to be used.

If the assessment method is not prescribed, a variety of appropriate methods can be used to evaluate a learner's achievement against each assessment criterion.

Step 3. Devising assessment tasks

The assessor ensures that all assessment tasks are appropriate for the cohort of learners and are accurately mapped to all relevant assessment criteria.

It's not necessary to prescribe an individual task for each assessment criterion. An assessment task can be used to meet several assessment criteria .

The internal verifiers verifies the assessment tasks before  learners begins the course.

Step 4. Initial assessment

The assessors decides if the chosen units and / or qualifications are suitable for the learners.

The assessor considers  learners’ previous academic achievements and their pre-course assessment outcomes.

Step 5. Formative assessment

The assessor  assesses  learners’ progress throughout the duration of the course. This provides an opportunity for the assessor to provide ongoing feedback and support to learners.

Step 6. Summative assessment

This is the final assessment.

The assessor reviews and assesses all the evidence and evaluates whether the learner has demonstrated achievement against all assessment criteria and all learning outcomes. 

The internal verifier must approve the validity of the assessment decision before credits are awarded.

Step 7. Course evaluation

Learners are asked to provide feedback on their course.

Centres use learners’  feedback to inform the review and development of all courses. .

Step 8. Award of credit(s)

If the internal verifier agrees  with the assessor's  judgements, the centre can claim credits for all learners who have successfully achieved the unit(s)/qualification.

At this stage external quality assurance is carried out by Agored Cymru.

For further information and guidance on the assessment process and to access assessment templates please view our Guide to Assessment.