We offer two main methods of learner registration:

Direct Class Entry

This method allows you to create a class directly on the Class Registration page of the Course and Class Administration area by selecting one of your courses and uploading a learner file. This method is preferred where it is not possible to easily create a file containing all of the course, class, unit, qualification and learner data from a centre's system.

Detailed guidance notes are available in this document.

Automated Class Entry

This method requires an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file containing a row for each learner on each class (one row per class per learner), or if individual units need to be specified, one row per class per learner per unit. Each row should include the following fields.

  • the name of the course
  • your unique reference for the class
  • an Agored Cymru unit ID or code*
  • the code for any qualification being registered
  • the start and end date of the class
  • any unique identifier you have for the learner
  • given name
  • family name
  • date of birth
  • the ULN (this is a 10-digit number unique to every learner. It can be obtained from the Learning Records Service)
  • current home postcode
  • gender
  • ethnicity
  • disability and/or learning difficulty
  • email address

* units do not need to be specified if all units on an existing course should be registered.

This method is better when the file can be produced automatically from a centre's system. These files can contain registration data for one or more classes. Automated class entry files are sent using the Upload page of the Secure File Transfer area. A record of successfully uploaded files is available on the Upload History page.

For more information about this method of learner registration contact mis@agored.cymru.

All Registrations

Prior to registering learners, recognised centres must ensure that clearly documented enrolment, registration and record management processes are in place that effectively verify the identity of each learner. Recognised centres must ensure that the centre internal data protection policy reflects current legislation and that controls are in place to protect the security of learner details.

Centres must register all learners promptly, within a timely manner, appropriate to the duration of the course start date. Classes created by direct or automated entry will be listed on the Class Administration page of the Course and Class Administration area, where claim sheets for each class are also available for download. Claim sheets will be made available as soon as possible (immediately, in some cases) but within 10 working days of correctly submitted learner registrations.

Recognised centres must ensure that they follow the Agored Cymru procedures to register learners in a timely and secure manner.

For further information and support contact the administration team on centre.support@agored.cymru.