Agored Cymru understands that the Welsh language holds a significant place in the cultural fabric of Wales, and it is important to provide opportunities for learners to access educational resources and qualifications in their preferred language. Therefore, we are committed to offering all qualifications (on demand) through the medium of Welsh.

By offering qualifications and resources in Welsh, we aim to support and empower Welsh speaking learners, promoting inclusivity and enhancing their learning experience.

To ensure the availability of qualifications and resources through the medium of Welsh, Agored Cymru will:

  • work with centres and Qualifications Wales to develop and maintain Welsh language versions of our qualifications and resources
  • allocate resources and invest in the translation of assessments, materials and supporting resources into Welsh, ensuring linguistic accuracy and cultural sensitivity
  • facilitate training and professional development opportunities for educators and assessors, enabling them to deliver qualifications effectively in Welsh and provide appropriate language support to learners
  • regularly review and update this policy statement to ensure our Welsh-medium qualification provision aligns with both policy and legislative developments in Wales, as well as the evolving needs of Welsh-speaking learners
  • seek feedback and engage with Welsh-medium and bilingual centres to ensure continuous improvement and address any concerns or suggestions related to the qualifications we make available in Welsh
  • communicate our policy position on the availability of Welsh-medium qualifications to centres
  • comply with Conditions of Recognition set out by Qualifications Wales in respect of Welsh medium qualifications.

Through its commitment to this policy, Agored Cymru aims to contribute to a more inclusive and equitable educational landscape.

For more detailed information about Welsh-medium qualifications and supporting resources we currently make available, please visit our website (