Customer Service Commitment

Agored Cymru aims to offer a service for its centres which is responsive, effective and efficient. It is committed to continuously reviewing and improving the quality of its service in order to provide the best possible experience for centres, and ensure all centres are treated equally and fairly.

To deliver exceptional service to you, we are committed to meeting the below service standards:

  • Issue a Centre Agreement within 5 working days of receipt of centre approval fees and quality assurance approval
  • Process submitted registrations within 10 working days of receipt of correctly submitted learner registrations
  • On receipt of a correctly submitted claim, take action to either; approve, defer or reject the claim within 10 working days
  • Issue any due certificates within 10 working days of approval of a claim
  • Publish, EQA reports on the centre secure area of the website within 20 working days of the EQA event
  • Notify centres by the end of April annually of its charging structure for the forthcoming academic year
  • Make available Annual Centre Review reports and centre risk rating within 20 working days of the final Annual Centre review event taking place


For centre requirements and responsibilities, please click here.