As an Agored Cymru approved centre, help us to help you by fully adhering to Agored Cymru requirements and responsibilities.

We expect our centres to meet the below requirements:

  • Access to Higher Education: Register learners’ 60 credits on the AHE Diploma within 42 days of the start date of the course.
  • Qualifications Wales/Ofqual/QALL: Register all learners within 25 working days of the start date of the course (short courses up to and including 15 weeks duration).
  • Qualifications Wales/Ofqual/QALL: Register all learners within 40 working days of the start date of the course (longer courses more than 15 weeks duration).
  • Submit claims within 6 months of the end date of the course.
  • Attend a standardisation event at least once every two years.
  • Acknowledge the Centre Action Plan (CAP) within 10 working days of receipt of an EQA report.
  • Address all required actions within the CAP by the deadlines issued.
  • Pay all invoices within the specified timeframe.

Approved centres are responsible for:

  • Fully adhering to all centre responsibilities, as agreed within your signed Centre Agreement.
  • Adhering to all policies and processes published on the Agored Cymru website pages.
  • Having in place, a robust and transparent process for establishing the identity of all learners prior to registration.
  • Ensuring that the issue of Agored Cymru certificates to learners is dealt with promptly and securely.
  • Updating and amending staff contact details for your centre via the ‘Contact Management’ area of your Agored Cymru website account.
  • Implementing an effective centre internal risk management approach that meets Agored Cymru Centre Assessment Standards Scrutiny (CASS) requirements.
  • Declaring to Agored Cymru, any conflict(s) of interest that arise from staff who act as an assessor, internal quality assurer (IQA) or any other member of staff who has a personal interest in the outcome of learner assessment by submitted a completed CI1: Centre Declaration of Conflict of Interest form.
  • Notifying Agored Cymru of changes to centre staff who deliver, assess and quality assure Agored Cymru qualifications by submitting a completed SA1:Staff Amendment Form.
  • Seeking approval for any reasonable adjustment made to assessment prior to assessment taking place by submitting a completed RA1: Form to apply for Reasonable Adjustment(s) for Agored Cymru prescribed assessment methods or RA2: Form to Record Reasonable Adjustment(s) for centre devised assessment methods.
  • Seeking approval for any special consideration(s) given to a learner who was prepared for an assessment but who temporarily experienced an illness or injury, or some other event outside of the learner’s control, which had, or is likely to have, a material effect on that learner’s ability to take an assessment or demonstrate their level of attainment in assessment by submitting a completed SC1: Form to apply for Special consideration.
  • Seeking approval from Agored Cymru prior to engaging with third parties to deliver any part of an Agored Cymru qualification or unit, including its assessment.
  • Making available to Agored Cymru all information it may request for the purpose of undertaking monitoring activities.