Agored Cymru Level 4 Diploma in Interpreting Practice

Reference Number: 601/5765/3

QW Approval/Designation No: C00/0708/8

Total credits required: 41

Guided learning hours (GLH): 234

Total qualification time (TQT): 410 hours

Lower age restriction: 18

Standard Qualification Fee: £143.50

Review date: 28/02/2025

Operational Start Date: 01/04/2015

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This qualification is part of a suite where each qualification is awarded serendipitously. Learners will be awarded the largest qualification within the suite for which they have met the rules of combination.

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The Agored Cymru Level 4 Diploma in Interpreting Practice maps to the Skills CFA Languages Assessment Strategy


This qualification sits within an apprenticeship framework

Interpreting and Translation (Wales)


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Minimum credits required: 41
Maximum credits: 41
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