What personal data does Agored Cymru collect about you?

The minimum we need to collect in order to process your achievements and produce your certificates is:

We also collect the following additional data, where available:

  • Gender
  • Ability status
  • Ethnicity
  • Email address

What does Agored Cymru do with your personal data?

The minimum data is used to identify you within our internal systems to ensure that you are accurately awarded all of the units and qualifications you have achieved through Agored Cymru and that you receive unique and valid certificates.

If a ULN is supplied it is verified by sending it, along with your name and date of birth, to the Learning Records Service. If you achieve a unit or qualification regulated by Qualifications Wales or Ofqual the same data will be used to notify the Learning Records Service of that achievement, contributing to your Personal Learning Record (PLR)

The minimum data along with gender and ability status are included in returns to Welsh Government and to the UK Department for Education for all learners registered on or awarded a Qualifications Wales or Ofqual regulated qualification.

If you are registered on an Access to HE Diploma, name, date of birth, and gender are included in information provided to UCAS in order for you to use that service. In addition, post code, date of birth, gender, ability status, and ethnicity are used to provide non-identifying data to the regulator, the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA).

The email address is used to allow you to access our e-certification service only.

Data will be retained indefinitely to allow us to carry out our legitimate obligations as an awarding body, such as the verification of achievements.