As well as producing high quality and secure paper certificates, we also produced online e-certificates using a service called Veri.

We have produced e-certificates on Veri since the summer of 2016, so if you have had an Agored Cymru certificate since then you also have an e-certificate!  Unless you choose otherwise, it is only available to you and to your learning provider.


To start using Veri you need to complete a few simple registration steps. As part of the process we need to verify your email address. This makes sure that no one can gain unauthorised access to your certificates.  If an email address was supplied by your learning provider, we will already have it (please see our Privacy Statement).  You may wish to check with them if this is the personal email address you enrolled with, or whether it is a college email address, for example.

As well as your email address, Veri also asks you to enter your name and date of birth.  These details need to match the details given to us by your learning provider and should be the details you gave when you enrolled, but you may wish to check whether your middle name was used, for example.

If you are sure you have used the right email address and you see the following message, it is important to click the 'USE THESE DETAILS AND PROCEED' button. This will create your account for approval later.


You will be able to register as soon as your first certificate is available, but not before, so you might need to wait.  Your learning provider will be able to notify you. If you think you have an e-certificate waiting for you, from this year or previous years, register now!