Exploring Worldviews


Exploring Worldviews

Exploring Worldviews The qualification supports both current and new, key educational policy areas of the Welsh Government relating to Religious Education (RE) and Religion, Values and Ethics (RVE). This includes the National Exemplar F... Go to page

Exploring Vocations Qualifications

Exploring Vocations Qualifications Our suite of Exploring Vocations qualifications has been specifically designed to provide learners with additional needs the opportunity to try out different career options as well as act as an entry p... Go to page


Employability As an organisation we pride ourselves on creating quality, industry led qualifications and rewarding achievement. Everything we produce is designed to benefit the learner, individually, socially and economically. We believ... Go to page

Work Related Education

Work Related Education The qualifications meet the different themes of the CWW: personal achievement; seeking information; understanding the world of work; guidance; and making and implementing decisions. The qualifications enable l... Go to page


GBVDASV Consultation Consultation for the Level 4 Training Syllabus of the Welsh Governments National Training Framework for Gender-based Violence, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence The Welsh Government has been consulting on a pro... Go to page

Case Studies

MFL Mentoring

MFL Mentoring has been offering two vocational accreditation units certified by Agored Cymru to its student mentors for the past four years. The accreditation has been designed by the project team in collaboration with Agored Cymru, past m... Go to case study