Following the government’s U-turn relating to results for A Level and GCSE qualifications, please be assured that Agored Cymru qualifications have not been issued using any kind of algorithm or statistical standardisation.

Unlike A levels and GCSE`s, Agored Cymru qualifications are vocational qualifications and therefore different assessment methodologies are used normally, and have been used this summer under Qualifications Wales Extraordinary Regulatory Framework.

Agored Cymru issued timely instructions to centres on how to make a calculated result for learners, had they been able to complete their assessments under normal circumstances. For this purpose a range of existing evidence was used, for example, completed centre assessed classwork and participation in assessment activities relating to the qualification. Our approach was to only use the most trusted sources of learner evidence and quality assurance, which on occasion involved collecting additional evidence to support tutor judgements. Therefore, statistical standardisation was not required to determine each learner’s level of knowledge, skills and understanding.

As a consequence, you can have full confidence that all Agored Cymru qualification results have been awarded in a valid and reliable way, and no results require amendment or withdrawal.