The unit review process is designed to improve the quality and standards of our units.

It ensures that all unit content is current, relevant and fit for purpose.

The Process

The review process consists of three phases:

Consultation Phase

Evaluation Phase

Publication of Results

Units have been allocated to cohorts and have been scheduled for review. When a review cohort is in consultation then centres must complete this form for each unit they wish to retain for future use to confirm that the unit is still fit for purpose. This is also an opportunity to improve or address concerns in units. Centres will be made aware of the specific units on their framework that sit within cohorts in consultation. Failure to submit the form before the end of the consultation phase will result in the unit expiring and the centre will have to develop a new unit and charges will apply.

Colour Codes

Each unit is colour coded to identify the phase or outcome of review.
• YELLOW: in consultation or evaluation                  
• RED:  to be expired
• GREEN: approved
If a unit isn't colour coded it's part of a future cohorts to be reviewed.


APPROVE: The unit has been deemed by one or more centres as being fit for purpose, current and the content appropriate for the level and credit.
EXPIRE: Not fit for purpose. The unit has been deemed not fit for purpose - the reason for this will be displayed in the comments. It will be stated if a new unit is being developed to replace it.
EXPIRE: No feedback received. Feedback has not been received to indicate if the unit is fit for purpose. If no feedback is received before the end of the consultation phase the unit will expire and a centre will have to develop a new unit and charges will apply.

Further Information

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