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Essential Skills for Learners

learners by offering the full suite of Essential Skills Wales Qualifications. Essential Application of Number Skills (EAoNS) Essential Communication Skills (ECommS) Essential Digital Literacy Skills (EDLS) Essential Employability ... Go to page

Essential Skills Wales

Essential Skills Wales Essential Skills Wales and Wider Key Skillshave mergedto formone suite of Essential Skills qualifications at levels ranging from Entry 1 to Level 3. Agored Cymru is one of a small number of Awarding Bodiesable... Go to page

Qualifications and Accreditation

Cymru if you are planning to use the Essential Skills Wales qualifications within your secondary school. Pupils must undertake the GCSE Maths Numeracy and English Language qualifications if they are able. Learning Core Essenti... Go to page


a variety of different sectors. Essential Skills Wales Qualifications Agored Cymrus Essential Skills Wales Qualifications are the perfect accompaniment to our apprenticeship qualifications. The full suite of Essential Skills Qual... Go to page

Data, IT and Digital Economy

Data, IT and Digital Economy The demand for employees with the skills to collate, interpret and understand data is growing. Businesses that successfully interpret their data will gain an edge over their competitors. Our qualifications w... Go to page

Become a Centre

Become an Essential Skills Wales Centre Seven steps to adding Agored Cymru Essential Skills Wales Qualifications to your framework. Step 1 Contact ourBusiness Development teamto discuss the options available to you and our charg... Go to page


Get Skilled With Agored Cymru in 2019

Get Digital Are you ready for assessment in the digital world? Do you want to make digital technology part of your assessment practice? Lets get digital together and take the digital world head on. The Digital Assessor ... Go to news item

Prince of Wales Nursing Cadet Scheme

Piloted across Wales this year, with a view to an expansion to other parts of the UK in the future, the scheme seeks to empower young people to make a meaningful contribution both to health and well-being in Wales, and to society in gen... Go to news item

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