Exploring Vocations Qualifications

Exploring Vocations Qualifications Our suite of Exploring Vocations qualifications has been specifically designed to provide learners with additional needs the opportunity to try out different career options as well as act as an entry p... Go to page

Data, IT and Digital Economy

Data, IT and Digital Economy The demand for employees with the skills to collate, interpret and understand data is growing. Businesses that successfully interpret their data will gain an edge over their competitors. Our qualifications w... Go to page


History The movement engaged with over 5 million adults and initiated the birth of over 30 distinct organisations: later known as the Open College Network. The first Network was set up in Manchester in 1981. Less than ten years late... Go to page


Get Skilled With Agored Cymru in 2019

Get Digital Are you ready for assessment in the digital world? Do you want to make digital technology part of your assessment practice? Lets get digital together and take the digital world head on. The Digital Assessor ... Go to news item

Case Studies