To apply for centre recognition, follow this simple process:

1. Register your interest

Complete the online register your interest form and we will be in touch.

2. Provide details about your organisation

If you have the potential to become a recognised centre, you will need to provide us with details about your organisation.

3. Complete our application form

Complete our application form demonstrating that you meet all of the requirements.

(We will provide you with a named contact to support you through this process.)

What Next?

There are three possible outcomes once you have submitted your application:

1. Recognition: If your organisation meets the necessary requirements, you will be offered centre recognition status.

If you wish to accept the offer, we will send you the centre agreement to read, sign and return.

2. Partnership: If your organisation does not currently fulfil the necessary requirements, we may suggest that you enter into a partnership arrangement with a recognised centre.



If you are unhappy with a decision you can appeal it.

Read our Enquiries and Appeals policy.