The New Agored Cymru Learning Core Qualifications

Learning Core

Agored Cymru is delighted to launch its new suite of learning core qualifications today on GCSE Results Day.

The qualifications support four key curriculum areas: personal and social education (PSE), work related education (WRE), young people’s participation (YPP) and Wales, Europe and the World (WEW). 

The new suite has GCSE equivalencies and is designed to support learning engagement and progression across levels. Supporting a number of key Welsh Government educational strategies, it enables learners to develop a variety of skills including looking after their personal emotional health and well-being, being ready and engaged in their own employability, understanding their rights and knowing where they sit in the global community as a Welsh citizen.

The PSE, WRE and YPP qualifications are from Entry 1 to Level 2 and the WEW qualifications start at Entry 3 to Level 2.  This means that learners can undertake the qualifications that are right for them and support their continued learning and progression.

Daf Baker, Curriculum Development Manager for Youth Engagement at Agored Cymru, explains: “We have a rich learning landscape in Wales that, not only includes GCSEs, but also a wide range of credit-based qualifications.  We are proud to be part of this continuing education journey in Wales and  are excited to be launching our suite of Learning Core qualifications.

“The qualifications have been informed by Welsh Government educational frameworks, policies and good practice in relation to the delivery of sex and relationships education, substance misuse education, personal resilience, being employment ready, working as part of school councils and supporting and understanding Wales as part of a global community.  These qualifications solidly prepare learners for their future whether it’s continuing their education or finding their feet in the employment market.

“We are proud to be at the forefront of future curriculum planning in Wales and we look forward to continuing to support our centres and learners now and into the next decade”.

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